About me

I make sculptural ceramics at my home studio in North London.

Photograph by Alice Jenkins

Elephants have featured prominently in my ceramics for the last few years, and they have helped me to illustrate my sense of humour, and my general feeling that we humans have got it all a bit wrong! You can read more about them here and watch a film about why I love elephants here.



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I’m interested in people, too. I find Man’s position as the dominant species both questionable and amusing. Related to this, the concept of pet ownership is fascinating to me in its contradictions, so the hierarchies and bonds that exist amongst us have been a source of inspiration.  

I have always felt like an observer of people, rather than an influencer.  London is a great place for me to live and work because there’s always something interesting going on. I gained a Degree in Ceramic Design at Central St Martin’s in the early 2000s, after working for Social Research organisations as my original line of work. I have a BSc in Sociology and Applied Social Science from Brunel University and an MA in Applied Social and Market Research from the University of Westminster. 

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