Telling Stories


This group of small sculptures are like three dimensional cartoons. They play with concepts of scale and gravity, and sometimes have a mildly political tone. The sculptures are intended to conjure a sensation of hope or warmth!

Elephants are excellent communicators and can also differentiate between spoken languages that they hear. This helps them to identify languages spoken by poachers which, in turn, can effect their migratory habits. To the external eye, they may seem to be heavy and cumbersome, but as a species they remain mentally agile and able to adapt to new threats. In these sculptures, elephants represent strength and kindness, and any trouts that appear are the antithesis…



Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (15x12cm)




‘Together’ The idea behind this piece that is anything is possible of people work together, see blog for detailed explanation.


'Together' Stoneware elephant on a seesaw with a porcelain butterfly. The butterfly seems to be heavier than the elephant because the side of the seesaw is lower. Signifies the power of combined effort.
Together! |(11x11cm approx)




Three elephants on an upturned boat (12x12cm)




Progressive Alliance (8x7cm approx)

I made this piece shortly after the European Referendum in 2016, when the phrase Progressive Alliance was being used to refer to the pro Europe elements of all parties coming together to sort things out.




Room at the Top (or Ideas Above Her Station)







Elephants in boats, in teacups. Sculpture
Storm in a Teacup


Storm in a teacup (10x15cm approx)

Elephants in boats in teacups, with stormy seas painted inside.



Mother and child elephant on a gold painted platform (16x8cm approx)


Warning Sign (12x7cm approx)


Baby elephant on a blue base (8x7cm)


The Summit (12x10cm)
Lost at Sea (11x15cm, automaton)
Help! (8x12cm


A Difference of Opinion (Stained stoneware7x7cm)