People and Other Animals

The relationship between people and the pets amuses me.


As a person who shares a home with two cats, I know that we can never really own a cat and that our friendship is strictly on their terms.

Woman with cat (10cm h, 9cm w, 6cm d)

These two look so content in each other’s company.



This lady is so besotted with the cat that she is leaving her very comfortable life behind to be with it.

ceramic sculpture of a woman in a boat with a cat who is sitting on a treasure chest.  We suspect that the cat is a confidence trickster who has persuaded the lady to hand over her valuable possessions
Lady in a boat with a cat (10 h x15 l x8 w cm approx)

Sometimes pets look like their owners, sometimes they don’t. This is something that has begun to fascinate me, recently. My morning walk often takes me past people who are walking their dogs, and I can’t help but consider whether a particular pairing is a yes or a no, in my view…

These two are definitely a ‘no’

Man in a suit holding a Chihuahua (11cm h, 10cm w 7cm d)


Lady with a Greyhound (10cm h, 9 cm w, 7cm d)


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