Patterned Elephants

Inspired by fabric…

The patterned elephants in this group are inspired by patterns found in fabric.  The clay is rolled out and decorated before being cut and formed into an elephant shape.  Decoration demonstrates the mismatch between the level of control that the human race has over other species, irrespective of their size. We have almost managed to remove these enormous elephants from the face of the earth, while the same time we are becoming vulnerable to superbugs.

Slab built green stoneware elephant with underglaze leaves and swifts, glaze spots and bronze lustre tusks (15x18cm)

The pattern on this elephant is inspired by a 1930s fabric pattern, and is created using stained porcelain which is applied in slices to a rolled slab of clay (15x17cm)

Blue Elephant decorated with slip, inlaid detail and glaze spots (15x18x8cm)
Green Stoneware elephant with Paisley Inspired Pattern and Silver Leaf Interior (12x15x8cm)


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