Luna the Cockerpoo

Here is Luna, she is a cockerpoo and was wedding anniversary gift.


She is made of porcelain and measures just over 7cm in height.

Luna, cockerpopo

Slideshow of headshots:

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Here’s how she looks in real life:

I made her from porcelain because if felt that it would offer the best base for her colouring. Luna’s owner tells me that Luna has a fading gene that some cockerpoos inherit, and this means that her coat has become lighter over time. If I had used a clay with a darker body, I would not have been able to incorporate this in her finish.

Slideshow of full body shots:

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Here’s a short video that I took while I was making her, and I documented the story of her making on Instagram. If you would like to see it, there is a link on my Contact page.

Luna: work in progress