I wanted to make a piece that represented the idea of people coming together to achieve great things despite the odds…or in this case gravity. I can’t claim this idea as my own, but I might be the first to illustrate it using elephants and a seesaw…

As the title suggests, this piece is about not giving up. Achieving the seemingly unachievable, with the help of like-minded fellows.

The elephant is made of the usual 45g of stained stoneware clay that I usually use for my cartoon elephants. The dimensions of this piece are 10cm in height and base is 10cm square. Originally, I had envisaged a swift to have landed on the opposite side of the seesaw to the elephant. When I realised that swifts don’t land, I changed the design to a butterfly.

I built a support to keep the elephant elevated during firing. Otherwise the high temperature of the glaze firing would have caused the seat of the seesaw to bend too much with the weight of the elephant. I enjoy this kind of problem solving, and it is certainly a considerable part of being a maker.  I think it’s an important, and very much transferrable element of creativity, and one which is often overlooked.


To see a film about why elephants inspire me, go here: film

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